Develop tomorrow's digital solutions for an energy transition today!

Win prices worth EUR 10,000 plus follow-up orders by sponsors

29th October 2022, Receive challenges in the virtual kick-off

29th October - 08th November 2022 Prototype preparation time

09th November 2022, Finals Berlin @ dena Energiewendekongress 2022

+++ ended at 2nd of December 2021 +++
14 teams started on October 29th. After the semi-finals at the
Deutsche Energie-Agentur GmbH dena Energiewendekongress, four teams have reached the finals. Two teams applied for a follow-up order for their prototype at the Nano Grid Home Challenge from Schneider Electric and the DA/RE Challenge from TransnetBW GmbH and Netze BW GmbH.
Congratulations to the teams of CoVerified and NanoIT for winning the enerthon 2021!!!



What is the #enerthon?

#enerthon is an international innovation and developer competition (aka “Hackathon extended”) with a focus on experts in digitization and rapid prototyping in the energy world

#enerthon as part of the network is a new form of tendering for follow-up business contracts: No slides but prototypes! Upfront, Sponsors have to agree to support after the prototype competition the winning team till MVP phase! More details are below!

#enerthon will take place in virtual (start) and Berlin (virtual and physical semi-finals parallel to the dena Energy transformation congress and finals at Future Energy Day)

#Enerthon - Whats different to a normal hackathon?

A "real business opportunity"

The ideal cycle looks like this: the problem is addressed by companies, excellent prototypes are built in eight-day sprints and the winning solution is commissioned after the enerthon by the initial company for the 100-day MVP! In other words: you tendered for a follow-up contract by your prototype!

The process

→ application > selection > participation in prototype competition > contacts to clients > follow-up contract discussions

Frequently Asked Questions

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the #enerthon challenges & prepAration process

#enerthon is having several categories depending on the sponsors' demands:

This year the challenges are in the area of Nano Grid Home for smart electricity-heat coupling (Schneider Electric) and smart grid / digital redispatch (TransnetBW/Netze BW).

Challenge 1 "Nano Grid Home": Schneider Electric asks how smart planning and putting into operations for installers of photovoltaic in heating pump systems of one residential unit (Nano Grid) could look like. Teams receive the technical documentation and module names and have to show up to the semi-final what an ideal electricity-heat mix with specific modules could look like from the perspective of an installer.

Challenge 2 "DA / RE": TransnetBW/Netze BW asks how an intelligent visualization of digital DAta exchange / REdispatch (DA / RE) could look like. DA / RE makes a contribution to the safe operation of the power grid despite the strongly fluctuating feed-in of renewable energies. With the data provided by TransnetBW, it is the task of the teams to achieve a smart and customer-friendly but dynamic visualization for the DA / RE actions, e.g. on a website.

Because this is a competition each #enerthon team will receive the exact challenge in their category including test data in a virtual kick-off on October 29, 2021. Then the time is running!

A functional prototype or smart mockup (depending on the requirements of the challenge) must be created and presented to the sponsors by November 8th, 2021. Simple slides of theoretical concepts will be not accepted.

#enerthon supporters

What you get at #enerthon

Direct interaction with potential customers and clients, transparent competition and access to knowledge for free next to your professional job.

In addition, participants receive a certificate of participation for CV and can win attractive prizes

At #enerthon, we believe that the best and functional solution wins, not the popularity of the company. Catchpenny, we offer the fast lane to new business contacts! is the European prototype network for experts and the innovation of the tender. #enerthon is part of it:

    1. Companies address their digital “challenges” of today's life

    2. #Enerthon is an 8-day competition for the development of functional prototypes and business models

    3. Simple slides of theoretical futuristic concepts are not permitted

    4. Evaluation in finals at the medial hotspot of the DENA Energiewendekongress 2022, Berlin in November 2022

    5. The winning team receive the prizes and will have the chance to be ordered for the implementation in 100 days by the sponsoring company


SIGN UP FOR #enerthon

#Enerthon - short and crispy

  1. Companies address a digital challenge from their everyday life.

  2. These companies agree to commission the winning solution to become an MVP for the next 100 days

  3. Participants must apply next to their jobs in advance to keep the quality level high

  4. The addressed challenges will be solved within 8 days by means of a functional prototype

  5. API-workshops and development of business models in competitive mode for the finalists

  6. The final evaluation of the prototypes takes place in the form of pitch events and a final award ceremony

  7. #enerthon event participants automatically become part of the network.

#enerthon Networking Partners and Sponsors