Welcome to the FAQ page of the #enerthon. Here you will find more information about the hackathon at the dena energiekongress 21 and Future Energy Day. We will answer your most frequently asked questions and will update them.

#enerthon Potential Categories

#enerthon is having several categories depending on the sponsors demands:

This years challenges are in the area of

Nano Grid Home for smart electricity-heat coupling


Smart grid / digital redispatch.

Each #enerthon team will receive the exact challenge in their category including test data in a virtual kick-off on November 29, 2021. Then the time is running! A functional prototype or smart mockup (depending on the requirements of the challenge) must be created and presented to the sponsors by November 8th, 2021. Simple slides of theoretical concepts will be not accepted.

Gas / Heat
e.g. anticipatory network control of district heating in production

Electricity / Grid
e.g. control of decentralized power grids

Alternative Engines
e.g. intelligent, green hydrogen production

Municipal Utilities
e.g. anticipatory network control oe.g. identification of data silos for resource-saving infrastructure controlf district heating in production

Critical infrastructure
e.g. Smart Rights Management of sensitive data

#enerthon Potential Participants

Participants apply as an individual or as a team to work on a challenge in a category. Multiple applications are possible.

In general experienced data specialists, business economists, lawyers and other interested parties from large and small energy suppliers and network operators in the electricity and gas sector, from the mobility sector, industry, the financial sector and start-ups are applying.

Likewise, promising students, ideally in post-docs, have a realistic chance of being accepted.

Idea Generators
You unleash the creation with your original ideas and understand the problem at hand.

Encoders who are familiar with the responsibility in terms of energy and data. DLT and AI know-how is highly valued.

UX/UI Designer
With your skillful hands, you can give dashboards and apps clarity and style.

Who would use this solution? They have all the answers to get the product to market and the business spirit to do so.

Data Scientists
You and your data have a long story to tell. A virtuoso who conjures with databases and adds a little AI.

Energy Engineers
Engineers who know about energy and infrastructure responsibility. DLT and AI expertise is highly valued.

You' re the "Crocodile Dundee" of the legal jungle - you see the digital and energy legal pitfalls for new business ideas.

Sponsor Teams
Cross-departmental teams of sponsors who think outside the box and are open to digital and new ways of working

#enerthon Frequently asked questions

How can I participate?
Participants apply as an individual or as a team to work on a challenge in a category. Multiple applications are possible.

Is the registration for free?
There is no registration fee. Participation is free. However, arrival and departure must also be financed from your own resources. For applicants from low-income countries, there is the possibility of travel expenses being covered.

Will I get a certification after my participation?
Yes, participation in the Enerthon can be certified.

How are the prizes paid out??
The actual main prize is the chance for a follow-up order. This is then done independently of the Enerthon between the sponsor and the winning team. In parallel there is

Prizes of the Enerthon with a total value of EUR 10,000. For compliance reasons, these are not paid out in cash but in the form of vouchers afterwards. The first two winning teams have the opportunity to choose from a wide selection, e.g. rail vouchers, etc.

Ready to participate at #enerthon