Challenges #Enerthon

#enerthon is having several categories depending on the sponsors' demands:

This year the challenges are in the area of Nano Grid Home for smart electricity-heat coupling (Schneider Electric) and smart grid / digital redispatch (TransnetBW/Netze BW).

Challenge 1 "Nano Grid Home": Schneider Electric asks how smart planning and putting into operations for installers of photovoltaic in heating pump systems of one residential unit (Nano Grid) could look like. Teams receive the technical documentation and module names and have to show up to the semi-final what an ideal electricity-heat mix with specific modules could look like from the perspective of an installer.

Challenge 2 "DA / RE": TransnetBW/Netze BW asks how an intelligent visualization of digital redispatch DA /RE could look like. DA / RE makes a contribution to the safe operation of the power grid despite the strongly fluctuating feed-in of renewable energies. With the data provided by TransnetBW, it is the task of the teams to achieve a smart and customer-friendly but dynamic visualization for the DA / RE actions, e.g. on a website.

Because this is a competition each #enerthon team will receive the exact challenge in their category including test data in a virtual kick-off on October 29, 2021. Then the time is running!

A functional prototype or smart mockup (depending on the requirements of the challenge) must be created and presented to the sponsors by November 8th, 2021. Simple slides of theoretical concepts will be not accepted.